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Adding Ear Rings

1. Open in Photoshop, an image of an ear and an image of an ear ring.

2. Copy and paste the ear ring onto a new layer of the photo with the ear.

3. Click Ctrl+T to enter Free Transform mode. Use the shape handles to resize the ear ring so it is proportionate to the ear.
4. Reposition the ear ring to where it should go on the ear.

5. Select the Eraser tool and erase any from the point where the ear ring enters the ear up until the area where the ear ring shows from behind the ear.

6. Create a new layer. Name it "Shadow". Set this layer inbetween the layer with the Ear and the layer with the Ear Ring.

7. Select a dark skin color as your foreground color.
8. Select the Brush tool. Set the opacity of the brush to 30% in the options bar at the top near the menu.
9. Begin painting on the "Shadow" layer where the ear ring should be casting a shadow.

10. Select the Smudge Tool. Set the Strenght to 20% in the options bar at the top near the menu.
11. Choose an appropriate size brush and begin smudging the shadow to give it a smoother transition and making it appear more realistic.
12. You should now have your ear ring added to the ear.

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