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Adding Eye Lashes

1. Open a photograph with the person's eyes showing in Photoshop.

2. Create a new layer. Name it "Eye Lashes". Make this the active layer.
3. Zoom in on the left eye first.
4. Choose black as your foreground color.
5. Select the Brush tool. Select a very fine tip brush size to use for the strokes of the eyelashes.

6. Use the Brush tool and to create a line over the top eye lid to apply the lashes.

7. Select an even smaller brush size (eg. 1 px). No apply strokes for the lashes.

8. Select the Smudge tool. Set the Strength to 15% in the options bar at the top.

9. Choose an approriate size brush for the smudge tool. Then smudge the eye lashes to give them a more realistic effect.

10. Set the opacity for the "Eye Lashes" layer to 50% opacity. This will lighten the darkness of the lashes and make them appear more realistic.

11. Apply steps 6 through 10 to the right eye. Then you should have your eye lashes added.

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