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Clean Complexion

1. In Photoshop, open the photograph of the person that you want to apply a clean complexion to.

2. Goto Filter > Blur > Gausian Blur.
3. Adjust the Radius slider until the any signs of discoloration or blemishes on the face are no longer visible.

4. In the History palette, take a snapshot of the blurred image by clicking the "Create New Snapshot" icon. By default, this blurred snapshot will be titled "Snapshot 1".

5. In the History palette, click the original photo snapshot.

6. Set the source for the History brush to the blurred snapshot by clicking the box to the left. (Note: The original photo snapshot is the active snapshot, you are just clicking the source to the blurred snapshot).

7. Select the History brush.

8. Choose an appropriate brush size and begin painting over the discoloration and blemishes of the skin.

9. What you have basically done is painted over the original photo with the texture from the blurred photo. Remember to only paint over the skin of the face, such as the cheeks, forehead, etc. Do not paint over the eyes, mouth, nose, or any areas with fine edges or else they will become blurry.
10. When you are done, you should have your cleaner complexion photograph.

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