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Removing Freckles

1. Open in Photoshop a picture of a person who has freckles.

2. Goto Filter > Blur > Gausian Blur. Adjust the Radius slider so that the image is blurry.

3. From the History palette. Click the camera icon to create a snapshot of the blurred image.

4. So the snapshot at the top is the original photo with the freckles. The snapshot below it is the blurred image.
5. Click the small box (circled in red in the image below) that is next to the lower snapshot in the History Palette so that it is the "Source", but be sure that the top original photo snapshot is the one that is active.

6. Select the History Brush tool from the Tools Bar. Choose an approriate size brush.
7. Zoom in on the face and begin painting over the freckles to remove them (or technically paint over them).

8. Continue this over the entire face. Always make sure to not use the History Brush to paint over fine details, just the areas where the freckles are on the skin. So, basically, don't paint over the eyes, mouth, etc. Just the skin with the freckles.
9. When you are done, the face should no longer have freckles.

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