Photoshop Elements Beginner: Top Ten Things to Know Expert Mode for Beginners Tutorial

Photoshop Elements Beginner Top Ten Guide.
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My Top Ten Beginners List Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques. The top ten things you should know as a beginner when you are just starting with Adobe Photoshop Elements Expert Mode.

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00:00 Photoshop Elements Top Ten Intro
00:43 01) How the Program starts
02:44 02) Tool Options and Photo Bin
04:49 03) Expert Mode
05:57 04) Enable Floating Windows
08:04 05) The Layers Panel
11:10 06) Make Selections
13:00 07) Blend Modes
15:22 08) Don’t Rely on Auto Adjustments
17:38 09) Layer Masks
19:49 10) Graphic Shapes
25:10 11) Best Way to Learn Photoshop Elements
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