How I make my videos [3D Concept + Photoshop + After Effects]

Photoshop Effects
This is a different and special video. A lot of you ask me how do I create my videos or where my pictures come from… So, in this video I show all my creating process of my last work (Reading Room Ambience)They are all originally created and there is a lot of details and phases in the whole process like:

– 3D Concept modeling
– Lightning and coloring
– Animations
– After Efects

I hope you enjoy and find this video interesting.

New Bliss is an original ambience channel made by 3D Realistic Drawing where you can find the most and diverse environments with the intention of providing good moments of tranquility, relax and calm.
You can use these artworks created by me to increase productivity, as well as study, work or use them as a sleep aid, relax.

Many thanks to everyone for listening and for leaving your comment.

Software used:

– Blender 3D
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects

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