Photoshop for Beginners | FREE Course #1 – For Photographers/Artists

FREE – Photoshop Course for Beginners (1)

►Learn Adobe Photoshop with this awesome FREE Photoshop course for beginners, that is broken down into bite size videos organized by topic. The lessons cover essential to intermediate Photoshop tools and techniques that photographers, designers and artists use daily. #FREEPhotoshopcourseforbeginners #FREEPhotoshopcourseforPhotographers #FREEPhotoshopcourseforDesigners #PhotoshopProfessor @Photoshop2021

I am an Adobe Certified Photoshop instructor. I have been teaching college level classes in Photoshop for two decades. I love Photoshop. And I am eager to share everything I can with you. This course is built for absolute beginners to “just started” beginners. We are not going to cover every single tool and technique. Instead, we are going to work through a progression of real-world image problems that every photographer and designer encounters every day. We are going to get you familiar with all the core tools needed for you to get to work on your images right now with confidence. The images for this course are free for you to download. The links are in the description so you can follow along with me step by step. This is going to be a great course.

If you’re a photographer, designer, or artist, this course will give you the core skills you need to become the creator you want to be.

►Quick Links to topics in the Photoshop video for Beginners
1. Introduction
0:00 Welcome to the Course, Who am I, and What are we going to work on
1:08 15 Video Topics Covered
3:05 How to Open and Create New Documents
6:18 Photoshop Interface Elements
10:03 Zooming and Panning
15:07 Undo Redo and History Panel
18:42 Saving vs Save as… and Saving Local vs Cloud
25:25 Resize Web vs Print
31:40 Straighten Horizon Line
35:29 Crop Square
42:24 Dodge and Burn
46:52 Details about the Next 5 videos on Layers
47:36 Intro to Layers
56:42 Layers B/W Adjustment Layer with Spot Color
01:01:26 Layers Levels Adjustment Layer for Low Contrast Fix
01:07:38 Layers Adding Hue/Sat Adjustment Layer
01:09:37 Layers Adding New Photo and Text (with stroke and drop shadow)
01:21:27 How to Clear Recent Images in Photoshop Home screen
01:22:12 Conclusion
01:22:58 How to Share Your Work with Me
01:23:30 Outro

►Download links for images in video:
Lady on Beach:
Guy with hat:
Tennis Ball on ground:
Tennis Player:
Cat with green eyes:
Beach purple sunset:

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