Photoshop for beginners Part-26 l Color matching with background and foreground Photoshop CC

Download this image from the description and open in Photoshop CC.
Unlock this image and rename it as “BG”.
Save a copy of this PSD file and the name will be “displacement”.
Open this “Displacement” PSD file into another tab.
Then go to filter-blur-surface blur,
The radius will be 18 pixels and the threshold will be 160 pixels.
Then save this “Displacement” PSD file.
Now close it and come back to our main PSD file.
Now place this logo on this “BG”.
Press Shift+Left key to rotate this writing.
Hit enter after your placements are done.
Now rasterize this logo layer.
Blend mood will be multiplied.

Then go to filter-distort-displace.
Both are will be 10 then hit ok.
Select this displacement PSD file and hit open.
After that ctrl+j or cmd+j to copy this “BG” layer and bring it to the top.
Alt+Left key for converting it to a clipping mask.
Blend mood will be “linear dodge (add)”
Opacity will be 50% to visible this “alphabet” layer.
Select the “bg copy” clipping mask and go to image-adjustment-levels,
Drag this 2-color adjustment key to the top.
So, the logo will be sharper.
So you can see your work is done here.
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Original Artist : Renge Miyauchi
Song : Nyanpasu (にゃんぱすー)
From Anime : Non Non Biyori (のんのんびより)
Remix version : Rynti M (

Vocal | Mix & Master | Video : Rainych
Instrument arrangement : Rainych & @saichiopy

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