How to Make Cloudy Glow Text Effects with Photoshop Elements

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Glowing Clouds Text Effect
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Here is a really neat Text Effect you can do with Photoshop Elements that will give you either a really hot look or a really chilly cold look. This text effect doesn’t require any special plugins and can be done in any version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. I will show you all of the steps involved and demonstrate both the hot glowing text look and the cold glowing text effect.

00:00 Photoshop Elements Glowing Text Effect
00:23 New File
00:45 Fill layer with black
00:58 Add text
01:54 Duplicate text and simplify
02:10 Add gradient layer
03:01 Duplicate layers
03:20 Add clouds layer
03:41 Blend mode for clouds
03:56 Blur top text layer
04:30 Move bottom text to top
04:46 Add bevel style
04:59 Blend mode for text
05:18 Saturation adjustment
05:42 New file for cold look
05:52 Fill with black and add text
06:13 Duplicate text and simplify
06:27 Add custom blue gradient
08:43 Duplicate layers
08:53 Add clouds layer
09:11 Blend mode for clouds
09:21 Blur top text layer
09:32 Move bottom text to top
09:42 Add bevel style
09:52 Add bevel and saturation adjustment
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