Photoshop Layers: A Beginner’s Guide for Photographers

The BIGGEST challenge that landscape photographers face when they jump into Photoshop is not fully understanding the four basic principles (or pillars) that every processing technique is based on…

and all that begins with LAYERS!

Unfortunately, most tutorials either (1) assume you already know how layers work, and/or (2) don’t adequately explain how layers function “under the hood”…which makes it near-impossible to implement into your own workflow.

So for this in-depth tutorial, I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about layers, and only what is relevant to photography.

And make sure to download the practice pack below so you can follow along with me step-by-step!


Includes the practice files (both JPG and PSD), handy cheatsheet PDF, and the video file for offline viewing.

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0:00 Welcome to Layers in Photoshop!
1:06 Why Photoshop Seems so Difficult
3:59 How Photoshop Layers Help Photographers
7:22 How Layers Protect your Photograph
9:05 Adding Content to a New Layer
11:30 Adding MORE Content to an Existing Layer
16:42 How to Add a New Layer in Photoshop
17:05 What are Adjustment Layers?
19:47 Renaming your Photoshop Layers
22:13 Selecting and Moving Layers Properly
27:23 How to Lock a Photoshop Layer
28:59 Reordering your Layers in the Palette
30:30 Why are Layer Groups Important?
33:53 Using Groups for Targeted Adjustments
36:19 How to Copy a Layer from Another Document
39:15 How to Duplicate a Layer
40:11 “Bypass Through” Blend Mode and Groups
43:42 Managing Groups and Ungrouping Layers
45:40 Layer Thumbnails
47:41 Layer Visibility and viewing single Layers
50:41 Layer Transparency and the “Checkerboard” Background
53:52 Layer Opacity with Adjustment Layers
56:59 How to Transform a Layer
58:09 How to Delete a Layer
58:34 Lesson Summary and Next Steps

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