PHOTOSHOP: Beginner’s Guide to Masking 2022

Learn all about masking and why it is such an awesome feature of Photoshop (and basically every creative app out there!) and how to create masks from scratch and from selections in Photoshop.

Adobe Stock used in this tutorial:


00:00 Intro banter
01:22 Create the first mask from a selection
03:08 Working with the blank mask
04:27 Blending the new color
05:19 Quick tips for working with masks
05:51 My Instagram got hacked
06:30 Adding clouds with a mask
07:31 Masking with the “dab” technique
09:35 Blending colors with a mask
14:00 Cut out a person/object with a mask
15:31 Adjust a mask selection with Select and Mask
17:24 My final thoughts





MSI Computers:
Aputure Lighting:
RØDE Microphones:
Autonomous Stand Up Desks:
SoundAssured Acoustic Foam:

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