How To Create a Basic Composite in Photoshop CC | Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial for beginners you will learn all the essential skills needed to create a Basic Composite Project in Photoshop CC, a Mr Potato Head. We will start by creating a photoshop project file, then we will learn how to save and import our images with place embedded, how to rearrange and organize layers, how to cut out images using select subject and select and mask, and finally how to transform, scale, rotate and position each asset to create the final Mr. Potato Head project.

More about Masking:

0:00 Start
0:06 Set Up Photoshop Project
1:10 Finding/Saving Images
4:14 Importing Images
5:40 All About Layers
7:16 How to Cut Out Images
10:40 Layer Mask + Refine Edges
12:35 Move, Resize & Rotate Objects
13:52 Duplicate/Copy Objects
14:32 Fixes & Adjustments
15:58 Move/Resize Multiple Objects Together
16:20 Add a Background Image
17:54 Final Adjustments (Blur Background)
18:36 Add Global Adjustment (Color Lookup)

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