NEW A.I. to Auto-Match Subject with Background! – Photoshop Tutorial

How awesome are the Neural Filters to help blend your composites? In this video, we will go through the entire process of creating a composite, changing the background, and matching the subject with it, using the new Harmonization Filter in Photoshop! Along the way, we will learn about perspectives, right placement, color correction, and also adding a background blur. But the real question is, should you use this feature at all? Let’s find out!

I hope this tutorial helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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00:00 Is This A.I. Tech Really Helpful?
00:40 If You’re Impatient…
00:54 The Right Placement
05:43 The A.I Color Matching Process
08:53 Fine Tuning and Correction
12:23 Don’t Forget Depth of Field!
13:30 Verdict: Should You Use It?

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