3 Beginner Tips for Retouching Portraits in Photoshop Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we cover three tips for retouching portraits in Photoshop. And these are all beginner level tips—so no frequency separation.

The first tip is how to retouch eyes to make them pop. The second is how to fix skin blemishes—including under the eye darkness. And the third is how to make your lighting a little more dramatic with dodging and burning—the nondestructive way. In the course of this we cover many of the most common tools you will use when retouching portraits in Photoshop, including the healing brush, patch tool, brush tool and more.

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* (Apologies for the dogs. They stopped whining as soon as we stopped recording. And got their walk.)

00:00:25 – Summary of the three tips

00:01:23 – Camera RAW and Lightroom

00:02:58 – Retouching workflow

00:04:06 – Tip 1: Retouching the eyes

00:05:56 – Sharpening the eyes

00:07:31 – Tip 2: Fixing skin blemishes… and which to fix

00:08:18 – Spot healing brush

00:08:52 – Healing brush

00:10:03 – The Patch tool

00:11:01 – (“hidden feature”)

00:11:47 – Tip 3: Fix the lighting with dodging and burning

00:12:48 – The nondestructive method

00:13:41 – Women’s Makeup tutorials are your friend

00:15:55 – Soften the dodge and burn

00:16:22 – Bonus: Add glisten to lips

00:17:33 – Retreading the eyes

00:18:40 – Bonus: How to use Mask Density

00:20:02 – Retreating skin blemishes

00:22:2 – How to add a sharpness layer

00:23:49 – Summary

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