3 Superfast Ways to Auto-Repair Skin + Free Actions! – Photoshop Tutorial

Explore 3 automatic methods to repair & retouch skin instantly in Photoshop along with free actions to make the process even faster!
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In the first technique, we will learn the right way to use Neural Filter’s Skin Smoothing along with Masks and Photoshop Actions for a faster and higher quality result. For the second technique, we will use a classic Skin Softening method where we use advanced Blending Modes and Filters. And for the final method, we will take advantage of A.I.-based professional plugins. I hope this video helps you, thank you so much for watching 🙂

► Timestamps:
00:00 A Free Gift?
00:45 Only 6 Days to Go!
01:09 Method #1 – Photoshop’s AI
04:57 Tip: Make Actions Customizable
05:28 Method #2 – Classic Skin Softening
08:10 Method #3 – For The Best Results
12:28 Recap & Thank You!

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