How to Create a Bokeh Light Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

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In Today’s photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create and manipulate Bokeh lights in adobe photoshop cc. Bokeh lights are a combination of field blur and depth of field usually achieved through photography with certain lenses and settings.

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Duplicate your layer and use the quick select tool to cut out your subject, navigate to filter – blur – tilt-shift adjust the sliders to your subjects face and increase the light bokeh and bokeh color to 100.

Grab your bokeh image (found in any stock image website) and position it below your subject change the blend mode to screen and duplicate it right click and flip the bokeh lights vertically.

Move the duplicated layer above the subject and apply a field blur next select your hue saturation layer and change the master settings to yellow and red and increase the saturation slightly.

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