Beginner Photoshop Astrophotography Editing Tutorial

Update May 21!

I am slowly in the process of demonetizing all my videos, I was never in it for the money or the glory. I just like to help people. This way you can rest assured i’m not making a video only to trigger an algorithm or as click bait. I have been a bit disillusioned with it all lately, and hopefully this will help.
Instead if you wish to support me you can buy me a coffee or beer instead 🙂 entirely your choice though!

This video is a beginner tutorial for processing and editing astrophotography images in photoshop.
I take you through the steps that i usually do with an image, but as it is intended for beginners i have tried to keep it as simple and as clear as possible.
I cover:
-converting from a 32bit image to 16bit
-levels tools
-camera raw
-HSL adjustment
-select and mask
-selective sharpening and adjustments
-reducing the stars a touch.

Thanks as always for watching, there’s no right or wrong way to process…just have fun and don’t let anyone be mean to you just because you do things a little differently! 🙂

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