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Transparent text effect | Photoshop tutorials | How to add transparent text in Photoshop

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Steps to add Transparent text in photoshop :-

1. Select Horizontal text tool ,then select font as Bebas Neue (download link above) (You can select your own font as well according to your photo and Imagination) , then set the font size for your text , and also choose the color of the text as black .

2. Now drag the mouse where you want to add the transparent text and then start typing your text .

3. Now create a new layer , after that select Rectangular marquee tool and then Drag it around the text , after that right click over it and then select fill , now select use as White (or any other color which will be your background of the Transparent text).

4. Now bring the newly created layer below the text layer and then press CTRL + D to deselect the area created by rectangular marquee tool .

5. After that select text layer , now press CTRL and left click of your mouse which will highlight the just the text , then hide the text layer.

6. Now select layer 1 and after that press ALT + Add layer mask together which will create the transparent text effect.

7. Now place text where you feel suits the most and also adjust the opacity of it accordingly.

So that’s it guys !

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