7 Photoshop Mistakes all Photoshop beginners make

Adopting good Photoshop habits from the beginning is very important in order to optimize time and not make the most common 7 mistakes all photoshop beginners do when they learn design and photo editing.

During my 10 years journey using Photoshop, I learned that optimizing tasks when working in Photoshop will help you be a lot more efficient and saving a lot of time on the long run as long as help you avoid the most common Photoshop mistakes photoshop users make.

7 Mistakes all Photoshop Beginners do
This is a list of what I consider to be the top most common mistakes that all Photoshop beginners tend to make when starting out using the software. If you make any of these mistakes, try your best to avoid them.

Here is my list of the most common mistakes all Photoshop beginners make.

1 – Not using a custom workspace
2 – Not using keyboard shortcuts
3 – Incorrect use of the layers or not using layers at all
4 – Using adjustment layers destructively
5 – Lack of organization
6 – Being impatient when learning
7 – Comparing yourself with other artists

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