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i mixed ink splash brush with some sunset images and created some photo effect like this… its super easy, super fun and every time you can try and create different output with same method…

just use different brushes if you do this on multiple images. i have also shown quickly how you can change the background and we will also use threshold effect like we did in galaxy effect tutorial and then some sunset image and screen bland mode and you are good to go.

its little bit similar to the photo effect that i have done in past but also little different and easy. the photoshop dispersion brushes i have used are really good and high resolution but i would recommend trying to find you own set of photoshop brush and experiment with different brushes.

i am reading your suggestions and ideas and keep coming them. this month is tight with the videos that i wanna make but next month i m gonna upload even more videos so i will take your requests in that 🙂

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