Accelerating AI in Photoshop Neural Filters with RTX A2000

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Adobe Photoshop AI-powered Neural Filters leverage the power of GPUs like the NVIDIA RTX A2000, to accelerate your creativity. In this video, we’ll take a look at two of the eight Neural Filters in the latest release of Photoshop.

Retouching skin is one of the most time-consuming tasks — requiring both time and skill to achieve natural looking results. The Skin Smoothing Neural Filter uses a Deep Learning algorithm that was trained on tens of thousands of portraits to understand what imperfections to remove, and how to do it without making the image look “over-processed”. It can produce outstanding results with just one click of the mouse!

Then we’ll look a beta feature called Smart Portrait that allows you to perform photo editing feats in Photoshop that seem like science fiction. This Neural filter is still in beta, but it’s really fun to play with, allowing you to adjust the head position, gaze direction, or lighting in a portrait long after it was captured. You can even adjust the age of the subject to make them appear older or younger. The effects are applied as a layer, so you can easily see the before / after, or touch up any artifacts.

NVIDIA RTX A2000, combined with Photoshop AI features like Skin Smoothing and Smart Portrait, offer an amazing new tool for artists to edit their portraits in ways they never imagined.

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