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Here are some secret Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts that will speed up your work process when working in photoshop. These are not the basic photoshop keyboard shortcuts you are already aware of, there’s more in this video to know, I hope this is helpful.

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0:00 intro
0:23 Photoshop shortcuts
0:35 Basic photoshop tutorials
1:11 Square Brackets
2:07 Scroll through photoshop tabs
2:32 Blend Mode shortcuts
3:16 Quickly go to the top or bottom of your layers
3:44 Select the right next to another layer
4:06 Move layers to the top or bottom
4:47 View only one layer in photoshop
5:16 Merge all layers and still have your layers
5:58 Hide and reveal guidelines in photoshop
6:17 Conclusion

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