Text Effects of Car Emblem on Chrome Plating in Photoshop 2023

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For example, when creating a graphic for a logotype attached to an actual product, it is necessary to have a technique to arrange it without damaging the image of the material and texture. Plating emblems, which are often found on passenger cars and home appliances, are typical examples. Let’s express realistic glossiness graphically.

00:00 Introduction

[STEP-01] Create the specular surface
00:38 Create gradient
03:51 Transform gradient

[STEP-02] Distort the specular surface
05:30 Create displace map
06:58 Apply Displace

[STEP-03] Add a metallic texture
07:49 Set Stroke
08:50 3D settings
09:46 Add diffused reflection
10:22 Add highlights to edges
11:18 Set Drop Shadow

Gips strategy: Observant becomes strength!
The real that is needed in design is the abstract feeling of the thing. There is a need for keeping things tidy techniques to express texture. It is the observation power to see things that can realize them. Normally, to make text look 3D, cast shadows in the opposite direction to the angle of incidence of the light source. However, with metals, which have the property of diffuse reflection, the point is the “tone distortion” which is in the opposite direction.

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